Tickled Heart is the product of a lifetime of Karen Kwarcinski’s own creative imagination and unyielding faith. As a published writer, speaker, and artist, Karen finds beauty and comfort in the midst of both life’s trials and celebrations. Her bright spark has found its home at Tickled Heart, and we welcome you and your own tickled heart to come along for the ride!

This is Our Story

Tickled Heart is a collection of inspirational writings, blogs, and gifts from the mind and heart of Karen Kwarcinski, who finds herself inspired by life’s everyday blessings from God. Karen’s writings are filled with uplifting quotes, cozy devotions, and heartwarming stories, sprinkled with intelligent daily prayers. Her personal blogs are overflowing with personal thoughts and feelings that warm her heart. Find comfort in Karen’s humble spirit as she shares her own tickled heart.

Tickled Heart is your home for the perfect present for yourself and others. Choose from a vast array of cards, books, framed art, and poems to encourage and delight the ones you love. Gifts can also be purchased at events featuring Karen Kwarcinski. If you would like to invite Karen to one of your events, you may do so through our website.

Need Some Inspiration?

Karen Kwarcinski is thrilled to introduce Tickled Heart to those who need some inspiration. She would love to hear from you about your experience here and about your own tickled heart. A faithful believer in the power of prayer and the community of Christianity, she is happy to provide a home for all things divinely inspired.

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We have inspirational gifts and heartwarming artwork to brighten your day and your household.

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