Some of my best moments were spent snuggling with my sweet daughter

Some of my best moments were spent snuggling with my sweet daughter. There was an openness during those times. Secrets were shared. Focus was fully and exclusively engaged in one another. My child’s guard was relaxed, and I was given a deeper glimpse into what was on my child’s mind. Silly giggles turn into tear-inducing belly laughs, and a stronger bond was formed and maintained.

I used to wake Sarah up for school by crawling into bed with her and just chatting.  She was so toasty and relaxed and snuggly, and the line between sleep and wakefulness was so much more gentle. She was still drowsy enough to chatter about whatever came to mind, and I was able to find out what made her happy, made her sad, made her nervous. She shared what was troubling her, and we talked about possible solutions and prayed about the situation. I shared family history and stories from my own growing up years, and she loved it. We sang together and made up silly stories. We even harmonized with the roar of the vacuum cleaner. Those were special and precious moments, and we still manage to get some of those together moments in whenever we can.

Follow your instinct. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting your child know that she is loved unconditionally. That doesn’t mean she gets to sleep with you every night; it just means that you are willing to meet her where she is. This world does everything it can to strip the innocence from our children and make them grow up too fast. It is a scary and unstable world for adults! Think about how a child feels about the kinds of things that show up on the news. Through the media, and even in the progressive classroom, children are exposed to information that is way too heavy for them to carry. It leaves them feeling hopeless and vulnerable, but it also leaves them embarrassed about their fears. They bury the insecurity and try to pretend they have everything under control.

Their “I’ve-got-this-under-control” pretensions are difficult to maintain during those dreamy, melted-to-the-bed moments between sweet sleep and harsh reality. You’ll find out who she secretly likes, whether or not she, or one of her friends is bullying or being bullied. You’ll find out if Bubba, whose parents let him watch R-rated movies, is sharing too much information with your daughter. You’ll find out if a teacher is being unfair.  You’ll find out if she feels threatened or afraid. You’ll be able to find out if she has already been adversely influenced and is developing some wrong thinking and some bad habits. You’ll be able to find out if she is becoming confused or challenged about her values because of the propaganda that is being inserted into textbooks through government initiatives.

Our children need the security of knowing that Mom will always be there to surround them with safety and love. The closeness that grows out of that is priceless! The strength of character and the self-confidence that develop out the assurance that they won’t be abandoned to face the world alone makes for a much happier, much more well-adjusted, and much more confident child. That child grows into a centered and secure adult.

Love on that baby! You know you want to! (And don’t tell them I said they are babies!) The delightful by-product of all of this is the opportunity to do what your instincts are already telling you to do. You get to love on and cuddle your sweet child, and it feels so good! You’ll find that you start to feel a little better about the world too. Finally, you get to watch your child blossom and grow in the grace that a child can best learn from a mother’s example of graciousness, love, generosity, selflessness, and undivided attention. Have fun! You are going to love the results!

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