Expect Laughter

Delighting in the fun and fanciful, Karen often uses dazzling lights, whimsical toys, and entertaining props to illustrate her point and to tickle the funny bone. Expect to laugh out loud with Karen as she uses her gift for story-telling to demonstrate that light is always present even during the darkest of days and that mind-monsters disappear in the presence of light and joy.

Expect Tears

Karen would be the first to tell you that every life, even the most charmed, is not without its painful experiences. Everyone has a story, and Karen is no exception. Expect to hear some of her stories about friends and family members who have had their hearts tickled during some of their most painful battles. Expect to cry with Karen as she shares her own story about facing fears, fighting tears, and finding victory.

Expect Heart Tickles

Karen has experienced some of her brightest moments on some of her darkest days, but first she had to learn to shift her focus. She now has a passion for sharing her insights with others. Karen’s uplifting message is sure to kindle hope as well as a sense of community and empathy among all who join this inspirational speaker. Expect to find a joy to light up the darkness.

Fun for the Child and the Child at Heart

Karen, author of the Henrietta Harriett series, is also available for book-related speaking events. Schedule her for a special reading and signing of her award-winning children’s books  – No Time for Tangles and No Time for Haircuts  – and hear her speak about the inspiration behind the stories. Her childlike wonder provides her with a unique perspective that is sure to delight children of all ages. 

Contact us today to schedule a speaking engagement or book-signing event with Karen Kwarcinski.

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